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Siler Family Favorites

They say (whoever they are) that you can learn much about a person by what they spend their time doing. Wander through some of our favorite sites and discover which interests we have in common... you may be surprised. Enjoy.

  • Try Siler Recipes
    • Here are some of our favorite recipes. These are favorites either because of taste, ease of preparation, or a little of both.
  • View Family Blog 

  • Listen to Church Music

    • We love music. We try to only listen to music that makes us feel happy or encourages us to be better people. This is a site for church music that features an interactive music player where you can listen to hymns and even change the key! (sample song)

  • See Name Popularity

    • Whether or not you are expecting a little one of your own, this Baby Name Wizard's NameVoyager shows historical and current popularity and use of many names. Take a look and see if yours is on the up-and-up.

  • Visit LDS.org

    • Sunday is our favorite day. We get to spend the day together as a family doing things that bring us peace. We enjoy going to church, taking walks, reading uplifting books, listening to Maryann play the piano, and playing quiet games together. To understand why Sunday is so special to us, look into our religious beliefs here.

  • Get Better Movie Ratings

    • We like to watch films, but we also like to know what we're going to see. This site, kids-in-mind, gives free movie ratings that we use to get a clearer picture of what we're going to be seeing. While this site does use pop-up ads, the ratings seem worth the temporary inconvenience (hope your pop-up blocker works).

  • Read our Christmas Card (2015)

    • We created a fun virtual Christmas card which includes a great picture of our family.